Pollution Control Systems, Inc. is a U.S. company recognized worldwide for our wastewater treatment systems, products, and technologies. In combination, we provide safe quality effluent meeting and/or exceeding standards set for by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Originally established in 1967, Pollution Control Incorporated (PCI) manufactured small factory fabricated sewage treatment plants for wastewater treatment in the land development market. In 1978, Pollution Control entered the municipal wastewater treatment market with its aeration systems catering to large scale treatment plants.

In 1989, management began aggressively pursuing the industrial market.  PCI developed a product line of Oil/Water Separators, Parallel Plate Clarifiers, and Dissolved Air Flotation unit. When coupled with PCI's existing biological treatment expertise, it yielded a well rounded systems company with the capability of solving a wide range of pollution problems. In 1991, PCI became a part of the EV Environmental group, and continued to develop its wastewater treatment capabilities.

In 1998, Pollution Control, Inc. was restructured as Pollution Control Systems, Inc. (PCS) and focus was reaffirmed in the package wastewater treatment industry and the group focused on smaller flow projects spanning the globe. This has led PCS to become a worldwide leader among wastewater treatment equipment manufacturers.

Today, Pollution Control Systems, Inc. is an industry leader in supplying package style wastewater treatment systems and related component equipment. PCS offers the end user a pre-engineered and pre-fabricated method of treating wastewater with an aerobic process. This modular approach of utilizing an onsite wastewater treatment system provides the end user with a compact, easy to operate, and cost effective unit with a proven track record as an economical and effective method of wastewater treatment.