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Clarification is the oldest and most widely used operation in the effective treatment of wastewater.  Mechanical Clarifiers in the activated sludge process serve a dual purpose.  They must provide a clarified effluent and a concentrated source of return sludge for maintaining process control, removing sediment, turbidity, and floating material from wastewater.  

Adequate area and depth is essential to allow the aeration tank effluent (MLSS) to settle and compact without carryover of solids in the clarified effluent.  PCS provides clarifiers up to 28’ in diameter.

The two types of circular mechanical wastewater clarifiers provided by Pollution Control Systems (PCS) are center feed and peripheral flow as described below. 

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Circular Center FeedThe PCS circular center feed clarifier operates with the effluent entering through a center stilling well with the flow being forced downward.  This ensures the proper residence time of the water in the clarifier to allow for the settling of the solids.  The water then rises and exits through a wall mounted weir trough that is placed on the inner circumference of the clarifier.  A skimmer sweeps over the surface of the clarifier to collect any floatable solids and removes them via the scum trough.  A scraper arm assembly passes over the bottom of the clarifier to densify and condition the settled solids prior to being drawn off for additional processing.

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Circular Peripheral FlowThe circular peripheral flow clarifier offered by PCS operates with the water flow entering the system at the periphery.  The water flow is evenly distributed and spirals down around the annulus of the clarifier by means of a specially designed baffle skirt.  This configuration provides for maximum settling of solids toward the sludge pick-up.  The water flow exits the clarifier through a center supported weir trough.  A scraper arm assembly sweeps the bottom of the clarifier to densify and condition the settled solids prior to being drawn off for additional processing.

The Pollution Control Systems circular center feed and circular peripheral flow clarifiers offer the user a variety of features and applications.  PCS circular clarifiers are found in municipal, commercial, and industrial applications; for secondary clarification; and they are available in steel or the internal components can be packaged for installation in a concrete construction (concrete by others).

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